Big Collection of Surfing Websites for Inspiration

I’ve got to tell you, as a web design enthusiast, I’ve seen my fair share of websites. But let me spill the beans – surfing websites have seriously caught my... The post Big Collection of Surfing Websites for Inspiration appeared first on Design Your Way.

Big Collection of Surfing Websites for Inspiration

I’ve got to tell you, as a web design enthusiast, I’ve seen my fair share of websites. But let me spill the beans – surfing websites have seriously caught my attention.

Here’s the deal:

???? They’ve got this awesome blend of style and function

???? They capture the spirit of the sport perfectly

???? They’re overflowing with creativity and inspiration

So, today we’re gonna ride the wave and explore an article titled “Big Collection of Surfing Websites for Inspiration.” Trust me, you’re in for a treat!

Ready to get stoked by some of the coolest surfing websites out there? Grab your (virtual) board and let’s paddle out into the world of amazing web design! ????????

Top surfing websites to check

Surf Line

1-1 Big Collection of Surfing Websites for Inspiration

This website is the best place to check before you head out for your surf trip. It provides a great wave forecast and overview of surf conditions, such as live winds, storms, tides, and more. You can also check their surf blog for news, or spend some time searching through their awesome gallery.

Surfline owns over 200 surf cams around the world, and at least 100 of those are HD. This makes it possible to provide detailed forecasts and real-time information. You will also like how simple and easy to use the website is, and the attention it pays to every visitor.

Endless Surf

2-1 Big Collection of Surfing Websites for Inspiration

This is another example of a simple, yet very informative surf website. It comes with a contemporary layout and high-end surf park technology. Surf enthusiasts with a bit of tweaking knowledge can even customize it for their next surf trip needs.

Steph Gilmore

3-1 Big Collection of Surfing Websites for Inspiration

Steph Gillmore is probably the best woman surfer of all time. She has a website that is as refined as her rail-to-rail surfing skills, but also easy to navigate and stylish. On the website we see different scenes of Steph’s life that help us connect with her on a personal level: we see her surfing, we see her at home, and much more. The website also relates to her social media pages and even lets us watch videos and follow events.


4-1 Big Collection of Surfing Websites for Inspiration

The CaliCamp is one of the best surfing websites in terms of video footage. It lets us enjoy the beautiful scenery of California’s pro-surfer beaches and the best surfing experience. The website helps explore California’s long surf culture and look for tips and accommodation.


6-1 Big Collection of Surfing Websites for Inspiration

If you love surfing, TotalSurfCamp is the place to be. Rather than a website, this is the world’s best directory for surf camps. You can check schools, camps, and surf accommodation providers and find the best one for your needs. The surf websites are available to interested readers worldwide. The reason is that the trending surf articles cover information on multiple regions.

Sansara Surf and Yoga Resort

7-1 Big Collection of Surfing Websites for Inspiration

Sansara admins t bring surf culture and yoga culture under one roof. To do so, it focuses on the beautiful Pacific coastline and its magnificent beaches.

You will appreciate the breathtaking imagery and free surfing information. The surf website is beginners friendly and will help you make surfing part of your world.

Swell Surf Camp

8-1 Big Collection of Surfing Websites for Inspiration

Swell surf camp provides the best surfing tips for enthusiasts. It transmits a good surfing vibe on the screen and offers a truly captivating web design.

Tony Silvagni Surf School

9-1 Big Collection of Surfing Websites for Inspiration

This expert advice website aims to do a very simple thing: transmit surfing drama to the online world. To do so, they make use of professional and dynamic videos and YouTube content. At the same time, they provide information for professional and average surfers.

You won’t miss the personal touch either. Tony and his team present their passion for surf coaching in a very attractive manner. You will simply wish you had their energy and knowledge of the surfing world!

Surf House Barcelona

10-1 Big Collection of Surfing Websites for Inspiration

What if you could learn everything you need about surfing in Barcelona with only one click? This cleanline surf website makes it possible! There are surf blogs packed with information, as well as a menu with different activities.

FLKLR (Folklore Surf)

11-1 Big Collection of Surfing Websites for Inspiration

FLKLR Surf is one of the most elegant surf blogs you can find online. It uses a monochrome color palette, and it incorporates elegant type fonts.

Hans Hedemann Surf School

12-1 Big Collection of Surfing Websites for Inspiration

Similarly, Hand Hedemann attempts to stand out from the crowd with smartly chosen colors. His recognized Honolulu surf school is gaining more and more attention around the world. A big portion of this success is owed to their beautifully executed website. You can check it for the best surf tips and online SUP lessons on Waikiki surfing.


13-1 Big Collection of Surfing Websites for Inspiration

Lapoint is also one of the surfing websites that bring the real surfing world to your screens. They showcase how amazing it would be to visit their surf camps in Costa Rica, Si Lanka, or Portugal. Thanks to their live surf cams, they offer some of the best images and videos you can find on the internet.

Surf Careers

15-1 Big Collection of Surfing Websites for Inspiration

Surf Careers is the best surf platform for prospective job seekers. It is one of the very few free surfer platforms where you can look for employment, and it operates on a global level. In such a fashion, it brings recruiters, employees, and other like-minded people under the same roof. Don’t forget to follow their surf blogs for industry-related information.

Real Surf Forum

16-1 Big Collection of Surfing Websites for Inspiration

The Real Surf Forum brings the top world surf league performers together in one place. Professionals such as Nick Carroll are regular contributors to the forum. This makes it a perfect starting point for inexperienced surfers.

Sure, the design is stuck in 1999, but you can learn best surf practices, and beginner tips, and get valuable insights. Experts are around quite often, so you can ask all the questions you want. It may so happen that you learn your surfing basics from the world’s greatest surfers.

Quite exciting, isn’t it?

John John Florence

17-1 Big Collection of Surfing Websites for Inspiration

This amazing surfing website is a real eye-treat. It combines John’s two main passions: surfing and photography. You will also be able to learn more about sailing, traveling, food, and art.

Kelly Slater

18-1 Big Collection of Surfing Websites for Inspiration

This may not be the best surfers’ website ever, but it has merits we can’t ignore. For starters, information is very well-organized and easily accessible. Surfers can explore many different areas regardless of their knowledge. More than anything else, Kelly Slater thought of user experience.

On the website, Kelly provides information on his other businesses as well. Examples are his drink company Purps, and his OuterKnown surfboard design business.

Surfer Magazine

19-1 Big Collection of Surfing Websites for Inspiration

If your want to know what other surfers are up to these days, Surfer Magazine is the place to be. There are tons of useful surfing resources. For example, you will discover in-depth scoops on private league surfers and interactive forums.

You can also watch highlight videos of perfect waves, and read weather forecasts for your region. No wonder the brand has been so successful – they are around since 1962!

Surf Strength Coach

20-1 Big Collection of Surfing Websites for Inspiration

Cris Mills shares his passion for surfing on the North Shore through a very attractive website. The goldmine of this website is his experience – even the world’s greatest surfers will have something to learn!

Surfers Hype Magazine

21-1 Big Collection of Surfing Websites for Inspiration

Surfers Hype Magazine is a blog dedicated to world surf league professionals. If you are a newcomer, however, this site will provide information on all aspects of surfing. You can learn which is the best technique for you, which type of equipment you need, and where you should begin your surf travel.

You will also have the most wonderful surfing experience! This website is impeccably designed, well-structured, and packed with information. Try it out, and it will soon become a habit to check their news every day!

Laird Hamilton

23-1 Big Collection of Surfing Websites for Inspiration

When we hear of Laird Hamilton, we immediately associate the name with tow surfing and stand-up paddle boarding. Hamilton is the founder of ’The Millennium Wave’, and according to many – the godfather of big wave surfing as we know it today.

You can check this website to follow breaking news and trending surf articles. Laird makes sure all of his appearances, newly produced surf gear, and industry discussions are available on the website. This is the perfect place to choose your next SUP board, learn Wim Hof breathing tactics, or simply shop for cool surf clothes.


24-1 Big Collection of Surfing Websites for Inspiration

A list like this would not be complete without surfers’ hype delight Surfd. This is the ultimate destination for gear reviews, but also surf lifestyle, and passionate discussions.

The website also comes with surf blogs where you can read about the best coasts, environmental concerns, and even surf-related home decor.

FAQs on designing surfing websites

What are the essential elements of a surfing website design?

A well-designed surfing website must have simple navigation, obvious calls to action, eye-catching imagery, and persuasive content.

Displaying your surfing wares in the best light possible is crucial.

You should also check that your site runs quickly on mobile devices and that it is optimized for them. Social proof features, such as reviews and testimonials from satisfied customers, are an effective way to gain the confidence of potential new ones.

How can I make my surfing website user-friendly?

Focus on simplicity and usability to make your browsing website popular. Make sure the navigation is simple and straightforward, and that you use clear, succinct language.

Think about incorporating icons or other visual clues to aid people in navigating your site. Also, make sure that your website is mobile-friendly and has a quick load time.

What colors and fonts are best for a surfing website?

The brand identity and intended audience will determine the best color palette and typeface for a user-friendly website.

Yet, sans-serif typefaces, which are both clean and modern, tend to project an air of professionalism and reliability.

Websites designed for surfers frequently utilize vibrant hues like blue, green, and orange to evoke feelings of freedom, excitement, and adventure.

How can I showcase surfing products and services on my website?

You can promote your surf shop, surf lessons, and surf excursions by writing in-depth descriptions of these offerings on your website.

Reviews and testimonials from satisfied clients are powerful evidence of your competence.

What types of images and graphics should I use on my surfing website?

You should utilize high-quality images and visuals that are consistent with your brand on a surfing website.

It’s a good idea to include photos of you actually using your surf gear, as well as photos of stunning beaches and surfers in action.

How can I optimize my surfing website for search engines?

Do some keyword research and use those terms throughout your surfing site’s content and meta tags to make it search engine friendly.

Make sure your website is easy to use on mobile devices and loads quickly. If you want to increase your site’s visibility in search engines, you should think about establishing inbound connections from credible resources.

How can I ensure my surfing website is accessible to all users?

Consider employing accessible design techniques, such as using clear and readable fonts, providing alt tags for photos, and making sure your website can be accessed using a keyboard, to make your surfing website accessible to all users.

You should also test your website’s accessibility with third-party technologies like screen readers.

What content should I include on my surfing website to engage visitors?

Articles and blogs that provide useful information on surfing methods, surfing subculture, and surfing vacation spots can be great ways to keep readers interested in a surfing website.

To further pique the interest of site visitors, consider including quizzes or polls. Consider using social proof pieces like reviews and testimonials from satisfied consumers as well.

How can I incorporate interactive features on my surfing website?

Online surfboard rental reservations, simulated surf lessons, and surf trip organizers are just a few examples of the kinds of interactive features that can be integrated into a surfing website.

Your website’s user engagement and user experience can both benefit from these additions.

What are some best practices for designing a mobile-friendly surfing website?

Using a responsive design that adapts to multiple screen sizes, optimizing photos and material for mobile devices, and making sure your website loads quickly are all best practices for developing a mobile-friendly surfing website.

Also, make sure your mobile site’s navigation is simple and straightforward.

Final thoughts on designing surfing websites

Coming up with the perfect surfing website is not an easy task. You need to be a professional with a fresh and energetic view, and be able to communicate with your audience on a daily business. Yet, we haven’t met a passionate surfer so far who is not willing to share this passion with the world!

Begin by researching the magnificent surfing websites on this list. Do you need a dynamic blog that discusses the current issue, or perhaps an e-store to sell surf gear? As practice shows, your brand-new surf hub can have it all!

Remember, surfing websites are supposed to bring fresh energy and nature vibes to the screen, so use the appropriate colors to set the mood. Live surf cams and beautiful imagery can only support your case!

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